Through Loving Times, Through The Dark Times of Harry Potter

Through Loving Times, Through The Dark Times of Harry Potter

Set Loosely Around The HBP era
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 The Three Broomsticks

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Cho Chang


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PostSubject: Re: The Three Broomsticks   Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:55 am

Cho Wipped the tear again Sorry its just talking about the sun rise it reminded me of someone I lost "I'm Sorry"

Cho smiled at him
"I'm sorry about your brother I mean what they did you wasn't fair whatever happened to forgivness and why would people belive you were good Wizards arn't really a perect race themselves" she basically spat out the last line she hate all those pure bloods who thought they were better than everyone else.

Cho listened to his story about the double-cross in Diagon Alley
"But Who was then who attacked you because the order dosn't use unforgivable curses well there not meant to anyway so was it the Death Eaters ?"
Cho askec she ws really intrigued by his story and she wanted to prove his innocence.

"I'd like you to know that the DA belives your innocent"
She smile she missed the DA but knew that Harry probably hater her now she sighed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Three Broomsticks   Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:48 pm

"Life isn't fair." He said, starring off into space once more. "It had to be Death Eaters. They fit the basic description. And they fought just like how I imagined they would." He glanced over at cho, it was clear she was still upset about something.

"Don't cry..please" He said, a sympathetic look on his face. Seeing her like that was bringing back a flood of painful memories. "We all must deal with loss, its part of life. No matter how difficult, try to think of the good times. Remember those lost with a smile if you can, not with tears. Life is to short to spend it locked in sadness and regret." James offered her a weak smile.

"My brother once told me. James the life of a vampire is a hard one. From birth to death, it is but a never ending struggle. Hiding in darkness, feeding in the shadows. Each night is a deadly dance of predator and prey. The hunter, and the hunted. If you survive another night your reward is the brief day time slumber. A small escape from your short violent life. Assuming some nut job doesn't come knocking at around noon with a wooden steak and a hammer. Despite being classified as "being" a strong anti-vampire sentiment remains threw out most of the world. Both Among wizarding kind, and other intelligent non-humans. Vampire hunting, though illegal. Is still widely practiced in some corners of the world. Then there is the rather Draconian way the ministry deals with vampire "criminals". Attack a muggle out of hunger and your guaranteed to catch they next sunrise. Assuming your to sloppy to clean up your own mess. Attack a wizard and well....lets just say you better have all your affairs in order. And there's the sickness... But don't worry little bro, despite all that we still got each other. And I'm not going anywhere. Your thirteen now, and its time you learn how to survive. I'm sure Dad would be proud. If he was still alive.." James sat in silence for a moment, his smile becoming more noticeable.

"What a life I've lived to consider a speech like that to be 'good times'." James said laughing. "But even though he's gone. I still feel like he is with me. Guiding me and keeping me safe. I'm sure it's the same for you." James nodded, a look of confidence on his face. As if he dared the universe itself to try and dispute his claim.

"Whats a 'DA' ?" He said suddenly, a comically puzzled expression on his face.
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Cho Chang


Posts : 41
Join date : 2009-07-17
Age : 24
Location : Dorset

Character sheet
Age: 18
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PostSubject: Re: The Three Broomsticks   Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:36 pm

"God I Hate DeathEater" Cho Spat you could she that she was angered at how Redcaps people had been treated it made her sick why were they treated so differently thery really weren't any different just humans with fangs

Cho listened as he told her not to cry e was right it was just to hard sometimes for Cho to forget all the pain she had felt it seemed like james brother was a wise man full of wisdom which intrieged cho she wished she could meet him but the deatheater had claim him as well as cedric

"Your Brother seems like a brave man"

Cho understood what he meant about feeling his brothers spirit watching him she sometimes felt as if cedric was watching her this was one of the reasons why she found it hard to let go of him

"The Da is dumbledore army an organisation set up by students in order to defeat the darklord"
she smiled she missed the DA it made her feel as if she was part of something .
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PostSubject: Re: The Three Broomsticks   

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The Three Broomsticks
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