Through Loving Times, Through The Dark Times of Harry Potter

Through Loving Times, Through The Dark Times of Harry Potter

Set Loosely Around The HBP era
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 Draco Malfoy

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Draco Malfoy


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PostSubject: Draco Malfoy   Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:05 pm

Full Name: Draco Malfoy

Birthdate: June 5th 1980

Location: Malfoy Mannor

Sibilings: None

Spouse: Astoria Greengrass

Children: Scorpious Malfoy [[Sometime suring the Nineteen Years later]]

House-elf: Dobby, untill 1992 when Dobby was set free by Harry Potter.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Titles during Hogwarts: Became Slytehrin Prefect in 1995 and became Slytherin Seeker in 1992

Loyalty: Inquisitoral Squad
Death Eater (formerly)
Malfoy Family

Appearance: Draco is tall and slender, with sleek, silverish blond hair and cold grey eyes. He has a pale complexion and rather sharp, pointed features. As an older man, his hairline was receding, making his features look even more pointed. Draco is noted to strongly resemble his father.


Draco was, in general, an arrogant, snide, elitist bully. He believed himself superior to most people because of his family’s Pure-Blood lineage as well as great wealth and social standing. He often derisively mocked Muggle-Borns, so-called Blood-Traitors, Gryffindor students, and anyone who was a supporter of Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore. He frequently called Hermione Granger a Mud Blood, disrespected the memories of the late Lilly Potter and Cedric Diggory, and invented the demeaning song Weasley Is Our King to humiliate Ron Weasley. For much of his youth, Draco took his father, aristocratic snob and Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, as a role model, and frequently boasted about his family's influence and wealth. However, when threatened with physical violence he is no more than a complete coward, crying when Hermione put her wand to him after his actions got Buckbeak sentence to death and generally crying when he is hit.

However, Draco began to show changes in his Sixth Year at Hogwarts. He was uncertain of his ability to fulfil the task Voldermort assigned to him and was terrified that his family would pay the price for his failure. Despite all his bravado, in the end, Draco was unable to kill Dumbledore, lowering his wand and tempted to take Dumbledore’s offer of protection for his parents. Also, during the Battle of Hogwarts, he shows genuine concern from Crabbe and Goyle when Crabbe's Fiendfyre gets out of hand, something he's never done before.

For the rest of the Second Wizarding War, Draco reluctantly participated in Death Eater activities, clearly both terrified and miserable, being forced to mature into a Death Eater.

Magical Abilities and Skills: In his sixth year, his aunt Bellatrix taught Occlumency to him. He became very skilled in this art, even preventing Severus Snape, a highly skilled Legilimens from penetrating his mind.
He became very good with potions at a young age. This might be because Snape favoured Draco in his potions class, which let Draco get more attention when Snape was teaching potions. Though when Professor Slughorn was teaching the subject, Draco lost his edge and stopped being best in the class but that coud of been with his buisness for the Vanishing Cabniet.
Draco mastered nonverbal spells before his sixth year with his aunt Bellatrix, which included blocking jinxes non-verbally.
He was very good in Quidditch. He made the team as a seeker in his second year, which is very difficult to do. However, his entrance into the team is mostly due to his father bribing the team.
Draco became a very competent duellist at a young age. He was able to perform Tarantallger and Everte Statm on Harry in their second year, however, he performed the latter one before the count to three, making a sneak attack. In his sixth year, he showed a talent in plenty of nonverbal jinxes, and disarmed the extremely powerful wizard (albeit weakened and caught off-guard) Albus Dumbledore. Though it did not seem like it, Draco was very advanced in transfiguration. With some simple advice from Snape, he was able to produce a snake in his second year, which is conjuration, a very difficult form of transfiguration, learned in the sixth year and above. He also could cast the very difficult Protean Charm.
Draco learned at least two of the Unforgivable Curses in his sixth year: the Crucatus Curse and the Imperius Curse. His aunt Bellatrix might have taught him those while she was teaching him Occlumency and nonverbal spells. It is possible he has the capability (but not the willingness) to perform Killing Curse as well, as he was assigned to kill Albus Dumbledore.
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Alice Armstrong

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PostSubject: Re: Draco Malfoy   Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:12 pm

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Draco Malfoy
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