Through Loving Times, Through The Dark Times of Harry Potter

Through Loving Times, Through The Dark Times of Harry Potter

Set Loosely Around The HBP era
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 Floor Seven, Room of Requirement

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Draco Malfoy


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PostSubject: Floor Seven, Room of Requirement   Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:54 pm

Trying to find the right time and a good excusse to sneak off towards the Seventh Floor Corridor was becoming difficult for Draco Malfoy, a Sixth Year Slytehrin who was now also a Death Eater. Looking towards the front of the Potions Class Draco watched as the class was gathered round a Cauldren which Professor Slughorn was discribing had a Very Powerful Love Potion in it. Draco didn't looked too enthusiastic, he was in fact looking towards the floor while he thought about what was on his mind, he didn't exactly care about what was going on in the class but infact he cared about the Vanishing Cabniet in the Room of Requirement which was on the Seventh Floor.

The potion which had grabbed his attention was the glowing one which was a tiny bottle. It was when Professor Slughorn was describing the Potion and when Hermione Granger had cut across and said 'Liquid Luck' was when Draco had raised his head, to show he was paying attention. That was what all he needed, luck, for what he had to do. Grabbing his things once Slughorn told the class to get making, Draco frowned a little, was he really going to be able to produce the best Potion for the class?

His question was answered when Harry Potter was awarded the Potion, which caused Draco to frown a little. Once class was over, Draco was careful enough to wait for the corridors to become deserted before he slowly made his way towards the Seventh Floor, where the Room of Requiremnt was. Reaching the place in the wall, Draco alloud a small cough to leave his mouth, while he closed his eyes and started to think of the thing he needed most. Which was a room that held the other Vanishing Cabniet, the one which created a path with the one at Borgin and Burks.
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Cho Chang


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PostSubject: Re: Floor Seven, Room of Requirement   Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:48 pm

Cho Chang was walking along the seventh floor corridor with a group of her friends when she saw Draco Malfoy a 6th year Slytehrin with a dark secret she new Malfoy for his constant rivarly with her Ex Harry Potter She looked at him as he paced up and down in front of the wall she then realised what lay behinfe that wall it was the room of requirement where last year Harry and a group of students had formed a secret organisation called dumbledores army but why would Malfoy want to get in there ......
she walked over towards him and smiled
"Shouldn't you be heading to your next lesson Mr Malfoy" she asked politley
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Floor Seven, Room of Requirement
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